About Cole Advisors

The challenges small and medium business leaders face are not easy ones. We thrive on solving business problems – figuring out what seems elusive and, at times, overwhelming. Our role is to help find the best solutions. Many business owners and executives consider us their “fractional business partner.” We are there, always there, whenever our clients need us.

We find solving problems, especially hard ones, very rewarding.

Cole Advisors invests deeply, intellectually and emotionally in our clients’ success. We bring a disciplined yet pragmatic and responsive approach to turnaround and management consulting and most importantly achieving the required/desired results.

Our solutions focus on:

Strategy. Strategy is an action word. It is the backbone of every successful organization. A good strategy helps focus attention and prioritize action. While some parts of strategy should be etched in stone, much must be dynamic. It needs to adjust as the market, customers and environment shift

Solutions. Good solutions start with a clear view of the current state. Solutions are not bumper stickers, they are plans and actions that drive financial and operational improvement. Many businesses have a defined vision and mission. Translating these to objectives, strategies and action plans requires focus and hard work and is where many organizations struggle. Getting things done is important, getting the right things done is critical. Execution is the key ingredient.

Results. Starting with the desired results clearly in mind is important, like starting on a long drive to a known destination. Resources, information and priorities are directed to influence the performance of an organization. Strategy drives Solutions that deliver Results to an organization’s people, customers, business and community. Strong operational results is the independent variable required to deliver strong financial results

Mission and Values:

Our Word. We will always act with integrity and transparency. We put client interests in front of ours – and we walk our talk

Accountable. We’re all in. We’ve all known those who preach plans that don’t translate to results. Not us – we’re accountable. You need results and we’ll deliver them.

Genuine. You know what you know. We should be expected to provide a new, fresh and relevant perspective. You can count on that.

Learning. We learn every day. That is good for us which is, in turn, good for our clients. Each engagement, problem and success path refines our ability to serve. We are knowledge sponges.

Servant Leadership. We solve problems that impact people. Our work requires high-levels of dedication and strong communication – all to help solve problems that affect people that need support and help. We lead by example. Being great is fine but it is not enough – being good is critical

Passion. We thrive on challenges. We enjoy what we do and we’re relentless in delivering the goods for our clients.

Our Clients:

Some firms are big on dropping names and publishing lists and logos of the companies they’ve worked with. We do turnaround and management consulting differently. We’re engaged to solve one or more problems – sometimes they’re critical and often the future of the company is on the line.

Our turnaround and management consulting clients come to us for solutions to problems and we don’t think it’s right to shout to the world a list of clients who have struggled. We’re behind the scenes working for our clients’ success. If there’s a light to be shined, our clients should be the ones on which it is focused. We prefer to just stay in the background and quietly help the light shine more brightly.

Clients of Cole Advisors Turnaround & Management Consulting Services count on our confidence and discretion.

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