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Cole Advisors’ business consultants & turnaround management consulting can help troubled companies get back on track, and can also plan strategies to help healthy companies continuing to grow stronger. Cole Advisors are based on the Historic Laclede’s Landing, in the heart of Downtown St Louis, but much of our consulting work is for clients from many other states across the country. We are business growth consultants specializing in business consulting, business management, turnaround consulting, bank negotiations, debt restructuring, staff changes, Special Assets Group (SAG).

If your company needs to improve profitability, manage a liquidity crisis, position itself for sale or make key personnel changes, Cole Advisors’ business consulting experts can help get your business on the path to success.


Cole Advisors’ business growth consulting strategies help focus attention and prioritize action in the turnaround of your business. Parts of the turnaround strategy will be etched in stone while much if it remains dynamic and needs to adjust with your needs and individual situation.


The challenges small and medium businesses face are not easy ones. Cole Advisors’ business turnaround consulting excels at solving hard problems. Cole Advisors will help find the best solutions to the hardest of problems. We’re always there, whenever our clients need us.


Knowing the desired results is important to getting on the right path – doing otherwise is like starting on a long drive to an unknown destination. Resources, information and priorities must be directed to influence the performance of an organization.

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